Have you ever thought of a magic paper which turns everything that you draw into real objects? If you have, we have good news. One of the greatest gifts of modern technology which is 3D printers allow you to print drawings into real objects. There exists an analogy between the ordinary printers and 3D printers. While our ordinary printers print 2-dimensional, these printers can print 3-D dimensional. You may take a print of your prototype or a small kit. 3D printers already whetted appetites. However, before you eat a meal, you must have cooked therefore; in this article, we go deep about 3D printers from different aspects.

How to use ?

Let us begin with use of 3D printers. To use with theseprinters, we first need to have a 3D design to print. One can use SolidWorks or Cad to create a design or scan a real object with a 3D scanner. Briefly, you need a design file which will be in format of “STL”. After that we transfer this file into a program called “slicer”. The purpose of this program is to slice the object in the design layer by layer in accordance with the specified specifications of the printer. When the slicing part is done, the sliced file is transferred to a USB or Sd Card to plug into 3D printer. After the button is pressed, the 3D printer starts to work. In this phase we see that printer works from bottom to top and that is the reason of slicing.

The steps for usage are quite easy and clear which increase our desire to create designs and print them in 3D. However, it makes us to ask a question. “What kind of things can we print with 3D printer?”.

What to print ?

There are some 3D printers that can print foods however the most common printer type is the one which prints the object with plastic so the focus must be on plastic. It is highly dependent on your creativity. You can print Bosporus bridge, Eiffel tower or you can print creative designs that may be helpful for you in daily life. It is best to surf on the internet a little bit and check out the old designs for 3D printers to have an idea.

Different kinds of 3 – D printers

The last thing that will be mentioned in this article is the different kinds of 3D printers. Prusa i3 and TEVO Tarantula are the most common used ones in the world and they are called “FDM kind printers”. They are easy to install, use and understand the general function. Additionally, to that, these printers are open to be improved. If you would like to add some features on your printer, you can do it with some suitable materials. Creality CR-10 and TEVO Tornado are the next class. These modals are hard to modify later. For CR-10, there is no need for installation since it is already installed. The best one is Ultimaker. This enormous device they made is well worth its price as well as being sold at high prices. With high precision and capabilities, the Ultimaker can be called the best in the industry.

As a result, 3D printers are not that much common for now. However, I have no doubt that they will be a really important part in our lives in next decades. Using a 3D printer may be fun and you may even start up your own business. It is best to keep up to date and follow the improvements about 3D printers to get used to them.

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