Reproduction of American Gothic

1000 and 1 fail and the story of reproduction of American Gothic

In our third year at uni, we were given a course in painting. Very interesting, considering that we have a distant education. We were asked to make a reproduction of any known painting. I chose American Gothic, Grant Wood. Aimless, just like it. In general, I was very late with the deadlines. By Thursday (deadline) I did not have time because only the faces were ready. I explained to the teacher and she allowed me to pass on Friday until 9 pm. People in the foreground, namely the faces, I prescribed each for several hours, I tried very hard to make it as similar as possible and follow the author’s technique(which was difficult in principle, because of the different materials). Although I still see the differences: the most striking thing is the thinness of the woman, on the original it is rounder and rougher. And then all Friday I wrote.

And so, I had time from 12 pm to 9 pm to have time to write the clothes and the background. The clothes were fine, but when I started with the background – the house and its surrounding objects-I panicked that I wouldn’t be able to do anything in time. I began to hurry, and almost immediately I began to realize that the neatness had left me and my hands. I made the roof of the house and I absolutely did not like it, I began to scold myself, scold the subject, scold the time and everything around. Desperately trying to calm down, I finished it at 8 pm. After an hour, I finally calmed down, and after looking at the work with a fresh look. I realized that it was absolutely not as bad as I thought. I was happy, I think to hang it on the wall. A3, acrylic.

Reproduction of American Gothic by Asia QASHOU.

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