How does it feel to be the LOSER?

Earlier of my secondary school years, I used to be the loser of the class without any reason. Even today, I don’t have the faintest idea what makes you a loser but I am pretty sure It is certainly related to environment that you grow up. I remember 12 years old me being excluded from everything my friends do. Back then I used to try to figure out the reason behind it. Yeah, I was kind of poor and had no talent in anything. I wasn’t good-looking or wasn’t able to get people together. To be honest, actually I had anything to offer people at all. I was just an ordinary guy. This loser child thing kept going on for a while. It took me 8 years to understand that it is all because of discrimination.


During those days, I felt like I had no right to disturb the cool guys or girls. Sometimes I remember; I even consider this situation as cause of social classes. The only difference was somehow people from different social classes got in the same class. Once I poured my heart to a girl, a rich girl whose father makes the amount of money that my father cannot make in 5 years in an hour, she fucked me up.
I waited for the response all night and she texted me that night later. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? FUCK OFF.”.

I was devastated more than ever and started to think about a way to save myself from this situation. All I could do was text back. “Sorry, my cousin did it.”. Next day, she spread the brand-new news to her idiotic ,loquacious friends and everybody knew it before you know it. Everybody made fun of me like I was a fucking cat trying to catch balls of string.

Being the loser after being mocked

I was expecting nothing from the rest of the world at that time. Imagine being 12 years old boy who is being insulted for every single damn day. So, I decided to stay away from anyone who could possibly hurt me. When I hit the 8th grade, a new girl joined our class. She was a beautiful girl, maybe the most beautiful one in the class. However; she had some dark sides for a 13 years old girl though. She had had to change her school due to her inappropriate behaviors and nobody wanted to talk to her at first. So, she had to sit near me. Day to day we became friends. She had been abused by her own father and had struggled a lot because of some stuffs. In some way, we perfectly fitted to each other.

After we both realized it, we became a great duo. That was the first time that other people were jealous of me. Hanging out with the coolest girl in the game sounded cool to them. However; those idiots were not able to understand that what you need to see in a people is not visible.

Final Thought

So, I finally got the main idea. If demands of society intersects with you then you are the man. Otherwise; You are shit to society. If society needs entertainment currently, your charity works are nothing to them. If society looks for charity work then you need to do charity work to be accepted by the society. However there exist a crystal-clear fact that you should have no worries about whether or not you are being accepted by a society. You are strong as an individual. Ignore the people sayin “be the loser.”.

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