Hey you! Yes, the one looking around, I am talking to you. Are you ready to change? Or do you think routines will do you good? Pick your side, this time there will not be certain winners and losers. Here is an offer we have blue and red pills.  Pick your pill, eat it, get yourself together and get ready for a marathon.  So, if you ate your pill let’s roll.

After this weird intro, I’d like you to skip this paragraph and go on with the next blue written paragraph if you picked blue. Otherwise-if you pick red- go on with the fourth paragraph. From now on, we begin to read and interact.

Blue – 1 –

You are a civil engineer working in an office where you work with your dad who is an architect, not the best-known architect but he is loyal to the industry and know how the business works in here. You are not married yet however you are deeply in love with a girl who is also a civil engineer. She works in an industrial estate (in another city) where she is paid well due to his father owning the industrial estate. You want to marry your girlfriend. However, your perspectives do not match. Here is where all the story begins. You are a newbie in the game, you are trying to hold on to a place and work environment. Just because, her salary is higher than yours, it feels like it is better if you move on to her place.

Blue – 2 –

However, you want to rock the industry. Your dreams are beyond who you are, what you believe, what you live and what you need. You cannot stop a bullet once it is out of barrel. Success is your only motherducking option failure’s not. This story is the story of those who have only one possibility because one possibility stories are the history itself. So, you cannot let a person to change your life. You put the rules, you apply the rules, you punish yourself if you do not follow the rules. The other city might be better for a more comfortable life but you know that you are not looking for comfort. Tomorrow will be a huge day. You will destroy any weakness you have. Now go get some sleep for this huge day.

Blue – 3 –

2-) You woke up. You have this freaking sore throat. It spread all over your throat. It is hard to breathe in and breath out. You cannot even swallow a sip of water. That is the reflection of your soul. Your body had stabbed you right in the back while you are asleep. There is no way that you will do great today. It already sucked. You picked your phone, surfed online and wasted your time greatly. It is 10 am. You haven’t taken shower. How to get out of this mess? Two ways; 1- slap yourself and get it together. 2- Pretend this day never exists.

Your heart will not accept a failure so you cannot call it a day and forget this day. However, you cannot slap yourself neither; because you are too weak or too strong. Aren’t they the same thing?  You are trying to figure out “why did you woke up even more tired?”. Nothing makes sense in that moment. You did clean your room before you go to sleep, let some fresh air into room, brush your teeth and have some water before you sleep. What was wrong?

Duck it! This morning nothing is inspiring or nothing is worth to live. You need some changes. That is just the way it is. Are you brave enough to pick the phone? Go get that phone, call your girlfriend. (To be continued)

Red – 1 –

After 4 years of university education, you are ready to be free as birds. This freedom means a harder lockdown to some people. However, what hurts you is not the way things work. It is the way you make things work. You define it to be unable to make calls. This inability of yours needs to get fixed. You have no other priority than saving the day and sitting on your ass. Everybody else thinks you are a shit but you are not. This empty idea clouds walks around you, they better rain to fresh your soul. Can’t be life a simple exam? Isn’t there a possibility that you could die tomorrow? What is your rush for then?

Doesn’t thinking this deeper demonstrate that you are a shit?  Screw these dark thoughts, we all have them. Call your girlfriend and invite her over a dinner, this is the day that your life begins.

Red – 2 –

You guys celebrated your graduation amazingly. You deserved it after a long marathon that you run in this rat race. Congrats!!! During the dinner you remembered the fact that you will leave your girlfriend. You need to leave the house, leave your stuff, leave your warm bed. You had the same feeling when you left your dad’s house for university. That is just what life is. Life is all about repeats. That’s why all your teacher has always told you to “repeat lessons”. That’s why we are stuck in loops that we do not even know we are in them.

Duck it!!!  Problem is none of them. The main problem is that you hate yourself with an inner hate that no one can stop. You even hate yourself in your dreams where you should be happy. That explains the dream you had yesterday in which you said “All the Cretans are liars.”. All you can do is creating paradoxes that only locks you up. Time for a change. Who got courage for that? You? Go to sleep, you can think of something tomorrow.

Red – 3 –

Who is kissing you? What is that wet feeling in your lips? Are you still in a dream or not?  Get it together man! It is your girlfriend, she kissed you to wake you up. You have to say something. Say “Good morning sweet heart, since my sun is born and kissed me, I can finally wake up and leave the bed.”. Waoov! That was a good one. You took her to breakfast in your arms, you guys were having great time. What a day? It is like, you learned you being non-Cretan.

That is the silence before the storm dude!! You need to leave her; you need to leave everything just to prove you are strong enough to survive in this wild ducking rat race. How does it even make sense to be in a rat race? To live in a comfort, you must spoil your comfort at least once.

Do you remember the time that your friend asked you for a company’s production department and you said “no”? Great, you remember that. Let me remind you something that job has been filled. Do something, or you will miss every chance you got. What is the best way to handle all the pressure? Two ways; 1- you eat it in the breakfast, 2- you challenge the pressure to even get much more pressure. Since you had pancakes for breakfast, you will go on with the second option. You need to challenge the pressure but how? Change everything. Get much more to do. Get different things to do and stay the duck away from your safe space. Can you do that?

Let’s call your friend back and tell him that you want to set up a business. Or set up a great boyfriend example for all of us by plaiting your girlfriend’s hair because of boredom. (To be continued)

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