Changes (Red Pill)

Life is all about a challenge. Some of us try hard a lot to stay out of this one, stinky challenge. Essentially, we all try hard not to change anything. This weird behavior of us does not allow us to survive in life. Intelligence is all about to adapt the changes and the more you change, the more you get stronger. Pursue changes.


Your fight is not about success or being accepted by the society. All you need is just to prove yourself to yourself. Ironic huh? The fight is going on and you are still wasting your time to prove yourself. Time is ticking. The worst part is that as you let time flies, your insecurities and inabilities to change direction start to emerge. What the hell man? Are you out of your mind? Will you prove yourself by leaving your girlfriend behind you? Do you know how worthy having someone you love so much to given arm for? Literally given arm for. Remember the tattoo of her pretty face. Is it because of your ambition? Or are you afraid of being unsuccessful with her so that you cannot blame her for that. Makes sense. I am talking shit man you do what you want to do. Go and pick that phone.


-Hey, dude. What’s up?

-Hey, it’s been ages. Where have you been?

-Look man, I want to apologize for turning off your offer for the production department. I was shady back then and did not see that was a huge opportunity to …

– Alright alright alright, now I got it.

-Dude, I sincerely apologize.

– That’s okay man, everybody does mistakes. But we are looking for somebody fearless. Most of our projects involve risks within themselves which are really not your thing.

– I know the risks. Yes, the risks. I want to take them. I can do it. Everybody does it. 

– Yea, everybody who has spent their lives outside of an aquarium.

– What is that supposed to mean?

-Anyways man, it was great to hear from you, see ya.

– Don’t hang up on meeeeeee.



Okay, this was your first shot. Do not give up now. Let’s give it another go. Walk towards to kitchen, have some water. Where is your girlfriend? Go to her. She will heal you.

Gf: Babbbby, you look pale? Is anything wrong?

-Have I lived my life in an aquarium?

Gf: What do you mean by that?

-Yes, I have . (storms out)


Competition is stiff, but you will never give up. Where is your faith when you need it? You need to change everything. Maybe your girlfriend. As long as, the new thing powers you, you can live with it. Once it stops powering you, you need to change it. Think of changes.

My best friend is Me. Nobody gets it.

“God, please could you arm me with the armor

To calm me when there’s drama like Gandhi?

Could have gone the other way many times

Could have turned Dalai with the lama”

Yes, you should have gone the other way BUT you chickened out. Why are you afraid of change? Here’s why;

 Lately I feel like I am losing the control and the whole world waits for me to stole the show. My soul is sold so I can’t stay for untold stories, I am consoled with glories made of keys. Keys that I can never find the door of. For this reason, I want no more sore before I die. Maybe that is the secret of eternal happiness, i am weak but think for once if you speak but sink as you seek for an help. Life is a deep rut. A huge one.

Song of the text: Changes by Black Sabbath


The first part of red: Red – 1 –

The first part of blue: Blue – 1 –

The second part of blue: Blue – 2 –

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