The nature of humanity does not allow people to accept any limits. Due to this reason, people have always looked for a way to see further and further. People wanted to go to places that no man has gone before. They also have the desire to explore the air. This mission is accomplished after the invention of the plane. However; that was not the limit for humanity. Therefore, we look for a way to fly a plane without people in it. So that we could do multi-task and avoid from any losses. We call that invention as “unmanned aerial vehicle” or UAV abbreviated. UAV’s got popular due to last improvements recently. We even use UAV’s in our houses. How much do we know this technology (drones) that we are so close to? Let’s take a look.

The word “drone” means male bee in English and it is used for unmanned aerial vehicle recently. Drones are used in wide areas today. This technology is used from advertisement to cargo transportation. Although it has become known in recent years, the history of drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles dates back to the early 20th century.

Drone and UAV pilots can fly these products by controlling them remotely. After learning basic flight techniques, drones can be taken off in a short time. Essentially, these devices, which can be operated by remote control, can have a complicated structure since they include several different technologies depending on their field of use.

Drones are of course, explicitly produced for the purposes to be used. There could also be significant technological gaps between the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle designed for photography and video shooting and the drones to be used for transport. But basically, these products are; It houses the body, control card, motor, propellers, battery, receiver and remote control. In addition, aerial shots are much preferred for video clips, particularly in the last few years. Besides these areas, drones are rapidly opening up new areas of use. In another saying, we can see that these unmanned aerial vehicles will be used for several different roles in the coming years.

Drones offer great advantages, – for example your real estate agent can shoot your home from the air. Or emergency medical supplies can be delivered by drone. On the other side, they still involve awareness about privacy. Drones may be captured by people who have malicious aims or used to capture other electronic devices. A pirate doesn’t even need a drone of his own, he can take over yours in a variety of ways to suit his intent. Cybersecurity problems will become more important as the drone population in the sky grows, and hackers will find smarter ways to discover vulnerabilities in drone defense.

To sum up what we have talked, drones are really important for next decades however for now people have some doubts on security. Except than, the fast transformation advantage of drones will be milestone. This technology allows humanity to change the whole game in wars. Even though we do not support the act of war, we will expect the same kind of improvement in civil usage of drones.

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  • March 13, 2021 at 12:32 am

    I also do agree about drones changing the rules of war/engagement.. I’m surprised drones have not been used more for nefarious purposes all over the world.. I believe drone security will be an increasingly more and more popular topic in the near future..


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