Electric Cars

When one takes a look at the history of wars in the world. Need of resources has been said to be the cause of most of the wars in world history. One of the most important priceless resources in recent history is petrol which is a fuel obtained from petroleum. Need of resources has been said to be the cause of most of the wars in world history. One of the areas that we use petrol in huge amounts is Automobiles. However, a new concept is introduced to world that may eliminate the petrol need for cars which is electric car. Recently, Turkey has joined the club too and introduced its 100% domestic electric car named “TOGG”. Let us go deeper in this electric car world and get to know it well.

Electric cars basically work with electrical energy. They are known to be fuel saving cars but also, they decrease the carbon emission which make them eco-friendly automobiles. One of the biggest advantages of an electric car is that they are much more silent than the other types of cars. However, we cannot say the most preferred electric cars only use the electrical energy. Since the most of the people wants to use the hybrid modal which is a simple combination of fuel car and electric car.

Types of Electric Cars

There are three different types of electric cars; Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Battery Electric Vehicles respectively. The first one which is the hybrid modal cannot be plugged into anything to be powered since they are powered by an internal combustion engine and electric motor. This electric motor uses the energy stored in the batteries.

Another kind of electric cars which are Plug in Hybrid modals as also known as Range Extender. This type charges the battery by using regenerative braking and also by a plugging into an external power source. The reason why they also known as Range Extender is that the petrol engine extends the range of the road when the batteries of car start to run out. Battery Electric Vehicles which are the last kind do not have anything to do with fuel or its derivatives. They are only powered by electric. There is a popular belief which states that battery electric vehicles should be called “plug-in” vehicles since they have to be plugged in order to charge batteries.

Price Option

Another aspect that we need to take consideration is the price of electric cars. It is safe to say that electric cars are slightly more expensive than other cars having only combustion engines. However, the price of an electric car depends of the range of the car. In the long term, it will not be wrong to say that electric vehicles have more advantages when compared to regular old fashion vehicles. One way or another, electric cars are actually uniting the world together. To run away from deadly dangerous results, we must give credit to electric cars.

In the end, we can conclude that electrics car will be one of the most important tools that humanity uses in next couple of decades. Due to natural problems, it may even be mandatory to use electric vehicles. They are eco friendly and our future will be shaped around nature.

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In our next post, we will investigate different types of Electric cars.

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