Gen-Z tries to cancel Eminem

Recently, Gen-z accuses Eminem to use harsh, violent and controversial lyrics on his songs. A trend came up on Eminem’s offensive lyrics on “Love the way you lie”. In this trend, Gen-z has picked a special line to attack successful rapper where he says;

“If she ever tries to f**king leave again
I’mma tie her to the bed and set this house on fire.”

However, this is not even in top 10 offensive lines from Eminem. Back in 1999, he released Slim Shady LP including songs such as Bonny and Clyde, My Name Is, Rock Bottom etc. In each of these songs, it is easy to find out offensive lyrics.

In the song Kim, Eminem tells us a story about a murderous break-up scene in a hugely aggressive tone. The song contains lines like the below ones;

(We can’t just leave Hailie alone! What if she wakes up?)
We’ll be right back; well, I will: you’ll be in the trunk!

You and your husband have a fight
One of you tries to grab a knife, and during the struggle
He accidentally gets his Adam’s apple sliced! (No!)

Another song from SSLP is Bonny and Clyde, in which Eminem tells us the story of him murdering his wife with his little baby Hailey Jade. Offensive lyrics go on;

And mama said she wants to show how far she can float
And don’t worry about that little boo-boo on her throat
It’s just a little scratch, it don’t hurt, her was eatin’
Dinner while you were sweepin’ and spilled ketchup on her shirt

Offensive lyrics does not stop there. Through out the album, you hear offensive, controversial lyrics. However, you get a warning in the beginning of the album in a skit called “Public Service Announcement”.

This is a public service announcement brought to you in part by Slim Shady
The views and events expressed here are totally fucked
And are not necessarily the views of anyone
However the events and suggestions that appear
On this album are not to be taken lightly
Children should not partake in the listening of this album
With laces in their shoes
Slim Shady is not responsible for your actions
Upon purchasing this album you have agreed to not try this at home
Anything else?
Yeah, don’t do drugs

When we look at the past. Eminem is known as his lyrics being harsh and sharp. However, until now it is proven that Gen-z again miss lots of points and just randomly take shots at everybody. Without even researching his lyrics, they chose a respectively soft line for Eminem. Which actually indicates the fact that Gen-z is not interested in offensive or controversial lyrics that may harm people but a random trend.

Before we go on with the impact of Eminem on different generations, let us look at the some of the songs that Gen-z love and support.

Our example song is Gucci-Gang. This song neither reflects a lyrical genuine or a pure talent of singing. In the song, Lil Pump constantly uses a language of rotten mind. Lyrics go like;

My bitch love do cocaine, ooh (Ooh)
I fuck a bitch, I forgot her name (Brr, yuh)

Fuckin’ my teacher, call it tutory (Yuh)

Fuck a lil’ bitch, make her pussy wet (What?)

These lyrics are clearly on the side of objectification of woman which Eminem accuses to lead. Instead of telling a love story, Lil Pump objectifies the women and consider them as wet napkins. The only concern of him about women is whether or not they are wet. If they are not, then they will not be mentioned in the song. However, what Eminem does is more than that. Eminem tells us about a love story in which thing get uglier and uglier. Instead of insulting woman in many ways, he just draws a picture of his obsessive, violent and chaotic relationship. As he says in the song;

“maybe this is what happens when a tornado meets a volcano”.

Moreover, Eminem tries to define a situation, a feeling or a moment in his songs. For instance he says ;

And right now, there’s a steel knife, in my windpipe

Which is not correct as we all know; however, he just puts this sentence to delineate the particular situation.

We can refer to many songs that is much more inappropriate and lead to much more violence. This violent can be sexual, too. When one think over the whole situation, it wouldn’t be hard to decide Eminem’s content must stay if we need to eliminate one of them.

However, we are talking about a generation which shows off their expensive stuff and even rich friends over the platforms like TikTok. The same generation has no problems if a 14 years old talks about enough dick/bra sizes or twerks or identifies himself/herself as a sexual object by following every trend he/she sees without even considering.

The problem is highly about “thinking”. Since this generation fails to think but instead, loves to get everything without struggling.

Finally, Eminem is the hero of most of the people. Everybody knows about his motivational songs, but he is more than that. His way of explaining feelings and not accepting any defeat without fighting until the last-minute inspired millions of people. There are lots of rappers out there who is inspired by Eminem such as Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran or Nicki Minaj. You can find a list of artists that are inspired by Eminem (confirmed).

In the end, I’d like to leave you some Spotify Eminem’s Songs Lists for each of your moods. Thank you, legend, for being in our lives.

PS: He does not give a damn, though.

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