Ignore the failure

Is losing the worst feeling? Or is this statement true for winners who cannot accept the failure? If we lost, can we say that this is the end of the world? Is accepting the failure be necessary sometimes? Do we need to step back when we are about to lose? How does a loser stabilize the situation before gone mad? Do ashes of a lose allow us to reborn from itself? Is it possible to ignore the failure and move on?

All the questions above have answers depending on the person. All the feelings we have are complicated. So, it is pointless to look for logical reasons behind them. So, if your character or your personality does not allow you to let it go, it’s not your fault. If your dictionary doesn’t have the verb “give up” then its again not your fault. This is just the way you are. A warrior. Time to time warriors hear their inner voice which is not willing to give up but always bothers warriors to piss blood. If this is the case, what are we supposed to do? Let the inner voice take our control over?

Be Yourself

You cannot decide who you are inside of your skin. It is just there without explanation. Just like your sexual orientation. You just can’t help it. However, this world is too cruel to everybody who is not average. It is said to be “In today’s world, distinctness is a whole new concept which is accepted by the society.”. This sentence is easy to say when you are not the one who get discriminated from the society. Even an emotional person gets bullied by the society. When you are emotional, they say “What is the big deal? Why are you crying? no biggie, you are acting like a baby I got to read you a nursery”. Can you say that it is not offensive?

Real Warrior for Success

If you are hungry to succeed and willing to take risks on the way up to success. Do not let people to distract you from this aim. People can criticize you always. If you work hard, you will be criticized by not living life properly. If you relax yourself a bit, you will be criticized by being a lazy ass. The point is if people are criticizing you just because of your passion and ambition for your work, then there is only one feeling to taste; PROUD.

Final Thought

In this crazy world people are not ready for a change even though they say they’re ready for it. Due to this fact, it is much more difficult for them to accept the distinctness. Since they are afraid of anything new, they discriminate you. Why are they scared of you? If it is what you are asking, just know that newness means change. And to be able to handle the change in an accurate way, you need power, an inner power. People who do not have the power to stick to the game are afraid of you.

So be brave.

Fuck doing what you’re told Succes is my only option

 act like a two-year-old Failure’s not.

Song of the text: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgZe9xf4Uyc

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