Life in Mars ?

Since the existence of humanity, human being has always wanted to explore other life forms and other communities. This irresistible desire was the reason of why Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on moon. In last 20 years, this desire has combined with the modern problems of world. Scientists wonder that “what would humanity do if earth gets useless?”. As always, we did not try to fix our world, instead we look for a new planet to live. That is the reason Why people think to colonize the Mars. Elon Musk-who is an entrepreneur- is seriously thinking to achieve this mission. Let us dive into this debate and see if mars can be colonized by people.

In the 50th anniversary of Nasa, Stephan Hawking stated that “Humanity must be multi-planetary species within the next century if we do not want to go extinct.” . He also had a prediction that Humanity has 1000 year left on earth.  The first reason that shows the necessity of a colony is that we should not let our spice to extinct. The only home place for people is Earth. However, most of the scientists think that Earth is not reliable. Think of dinosaurs. After living 165 million years ago, a giant meteorite type destroyed their spice. Now, the only thing that shows they lived is their fossilized remains. Therefore, humanity needs to find out a new planet to live. Scientists consider Mars as a reasonable option since the day time is nearly the same with earth. Additionally to that, our other options are impossible to live.

Another reason for going to Mars, according to DeGrasse Tyson, is to set an example for future generations in space exploration. When asked what he thought about whether or not we should go to Mars in 2013, deGrasse Tyson said,. “If it’s going to make students aspire to be scientists, engineers, mathematicians, yes, we should go to Mars. The next generation of astronauts to land on Mars is in middle school right now.” he said. Humankind’s desire to explore space encourages us to find advanced technological innovations from humans that will be useful in one way or another.

However, the question is “Is it possible?”. SpaceX held a workshop on August 13, 2018 at the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus to colonize Mars with the initiative of Elon Musk. More than 60 leading scientists and engineers in their field attended the workshop, which is not open to the public. In this workshop, Elon Musk acted much more realistically than the claim that “I will send people to Mars in 2024” and examined with the participants whether we can establish a colony on Mars in the next 40 to 100 years.

Indeed, in a study conducted in the US in June, American adults were asked which of NASA’s current major space missions had priority 1, and by a narrow margin, the view that we should go to Mars before the Moon dominated. However, people should interpret this study realistically: Only 18 percent of the participants say let’s go to Mars first. Mars is in the 8th place among the priorities requested from NASA.

To conclude, apart from ethical issues such as the environmental risks of sending people to Mars, our main problem is the concentration of Earth’s resources in the hands of a few hundred wealthy groups. These groups guide everything according to their own interests.

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