Nano Technology

Engineers, teachers or any occupational group use the term “nano” a lot because nano originally refers to a prefix in magnitude of 10 to -9 of a quantity. We also use the word “nano” in another area which is nano-tech. Nano technology basically the processing of materials that are so tiny that we cannot see with our eyes. Nano Technology includes every technique that may be helpful to develop higher performance tools. We are actually aware of this kind of technology. During the pandemic, nano-technology masks came out. In this writing, we are going to investigate different sides of nano technology.

Since nanotechnology is only a measure of degree, nanotechnology has a wide range of applications. Starting from material production, covering a wide range of disciplines such as electronic, magnetic, optical, mechanical and biomedical processes. Many of the features of engineering materials that engineers use today are due to their internal structures (grain, crystal) which are larger than micrometers.

Now, thanks to nanotechnology, supercomputers can be viewed under a microscope. DVDs that can take a million motion pictures. To find and heal the problametic tissue inside the human body, Humanbeing can use nano robots. Additional nano memories can enhance the human brain capacity,and much more durable materials can be produced 50 times lighter per unit weight. The field of nanotechnology is wide and expanding. Today, in addition to its use in fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, material science, electronics, it has begun to show quite impressive developments in the field of medicine. It is a development of technology, although it has limited applications, it is clear that it will spread to a much wider range in the future. Many microscopic devices may travel through our veins and provide treatment as a doctor.

Nano technology definitely has its pros and cons. One of the advantages of nano technology is that less cost and more production can be achieved. It is an important factor to increase the quality of life. It offers a healthier and safer life. However, we cannot ignore the disadvantages of nano-technology too. Just consider “healthy” mineral face powders that give a smooth appearance to women’s skin and revitalize the cosmetics industry in recent years. Nano-technology released these new generation powders over the last 7-8 years.

The size of a single particle in these powders is so small such that you can only see it through a microscope. They get a smooth appearance, therefore by penetrating the pores on the face. Most mobile nanoparticles, a billionth of a meter in size, have a toxic effect on cells. Unfortunately, while some nanotechnology products are given to you without a doubt, the testing process that has yet to be completed has been ignored.

In conclusion, nano-technology could be one of the most exciting technologies that came up recently. The potential of nano-technology is already exciting us because it can be a game changer if humanity uses it properly. However, it is best to keep in mind that nano-technology products should be tested properly to prevent from any danger.

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