Philosophy Of Afterclap Pizza

It is very very first time of me taking down my thoughts. That is why I do not know where to start. However I want to share what made me open a personal blog. Actually I called that “afterclap pizza”. Lets take a little vacation to our childhood and try to remember our childhood, how many different jobs that we wanted to have ? I clearly remember that I wanted to be a Pizza(as a job). Yes at first it sounds awkward. But here is the deal, Pizza is my own-created definition for having multiple job at the same time.

What does Afterclap Pizza have to do with anything ?

My pizza have three slices ; engineer slice, footballer slice, author slice respectively. The engineer slice was the spicy one. I mean you can eat the spicy slice but there might be consequences of having the spicy one. It may cause digestion problems but what can I say ? This something that I can’t help ; Therfore I decided to have a bite. Then I saw the Footballer slice. Oh, that one was the one which was covered by various types of toppings ; bacon,chedar cheese,mushrooms, tomatoes (Toppings could change country to country). Fame, money, lots of money that is going to make me say “Money does grow on tree.” There are also disdvantages such as “pressure” which I do not mind. Eventhough I knew that slice was not the one, I took a bite for a really short time.

Finally it was the third ones turn. That slice looked so delicious but despite that I grew up in place where we do not eat that slice just like Muslims not eating pork. That slice has been in my mind lately. Sometimes people have a delicious meal and months after still remember its taste. In this case, I still remember the taste of the prediction of its taste and that is appetizing. So I can not wait to eat that slice eventhough I have bad eating habits.

I was the youngest individual of my nuclear family. So during my life, I have never had the chance to explain my thoughts. My clip has been filling up and It is almost full now. I am locked and loaded for rapid fire spitting. And I will be around until I am out of ammo.

For those who get hungry during reading here is my recommendation ;

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