Can premature ejaculation be stopped?

Can premature ejaculation be stopped? Yeah, I don’t know about that all but I’ll tell you a few tricks that might help you out. When I had a girlfriend, which is like ages ago, I used to jerk off right before the sex. Of course, it doesn’t change the whole dynamic in my body but it sure does the relation between my girlfriend and I. Because If you apply that technique, during the sex you’ll be like “Whatever, let’s do it.” In that way you’ll ejaculate later than the usual which is going to make your girlfriend think whether she is not sufficient enough for you or you’re a sex-pro. It even may go further and she’ll try to get better during the sex. So, she gives her all. Nice.

Ways to get rid of premature ejaculation

Another advice coming from me is dreaming someone else during sex. Don’t get mad at me. It will make sense when I’m done. It goes like this; during sex, you can choose 3 way.

First way is imagining the hero’s or someone in history. Think of martyrs, veteran soldiers, or presidents. The main thing here is, the person you picked has to remind you critical topics which is call for common sense.  You should be like; “Jesus Christ What am I doing here despite that GDP (gross domestic product) of my country has decreased.”

Second way is imagining your wife to be a mother and imagining her to sing your kids a lullaby. It feels like you’re doing the wrong thing. You pull her hair, you slap her, you make her writhe because of the pain or joy. (that depends on you) However, the picture of her with your kids is so warm and it feels like a huge gap inside you has just been filled. So, you change your husband mode to a father mode. Aww so cute.

Third way is imagining your family sitting next to bed -or whatever the place you’re doing it- and watching you. You may have heard your dad “Go for it, son!” or your mom saying; “Oh sweetie, I could take deeper than that.” It’s like a nightmare, right? The whole libido takes his jacket and leave the town for a while.

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