Why did religions exist ?

Humankind has stuck to several different believes or religions since the existence of humanity. What the main idea is behind this belief wall, that question made me obsessive about all of the beliefs. This sensitive topic has been my priority for a long time.

When I was a kid all my elders forced me to done my religious rituals every day and they imposed me that” our religion is the real one, others are wrong.”. Probably most of us been there. When I grow up, I figure out any religion is not sensible or servicing for all people’s good. It’s just a religion for control a nation with some rules which are not even sensible too. In my nation %69 of our people believe the same religion and they don’t even know the rules of the religion. Which is clearly a contradiction. They just say that “I believe it because it is sensible.”.

At this point name of the religion does not matter at all since they mostly have similar dynamics. Therefore, from now on I call it “Religion X. Finally, I noticed the problem of people not knowing anything but still count themselves as believers. Because of that I started to search the religion X and then I refuse to believe this religion at all. Which made me curious about other religions too. I wondered if all the religions have huge holes in their stories or is it just this religion X. That was the time when I figured out that no religion has ever made sense. However, they were usually used to control societies, nations or particular communities.

Also one should be informed that the first concept of religion wasn’t born due to reasons that contain humanoid ideas. It actually first came out due to animal like understanding and behavior. The reason why people attach to religions for dear life is that they were afraid of lots of things out there in wild world and they wanted to feed themselves spiritually with religions. They considered this way pretty solid to dominate their inner strength over their fears, greed and other animal like behaviors. At this particular point, the question that has to be asked is that “Why do all these people still follow the rules while we are now much more civilized?”.

People are free to ask, think and act in a way they want know. Therefore, I believe that human being should run away from away from primitive beliefs and behaviors. It just does not match with the era we live in.

I only assume that people should find out their beliefs on their own so that they can figure out that there is no god but themselves. I even expect a new trend coming as “worshipping yourself”. Maybe not in near future, however I believe that, at some point in the future it will certainly happen.

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