Shame from different aspects.

There are millions of people out there who are ashamed of lots of stuff. There are also many people in present who are not ashamed of anything at all. So, what is that “shame feeling” at all? Is it good or bad? Or classification of a feeling is ridiculous? Because of these reasons we take shame from different aspects.

Useful Shame

Most of the people consider shame as a toxic feeling. However; psychologists state that shame can be good. The deep-down searches demonstrate that shame helps to promote social cohesion. It actually depends on very very first time of human being while people used to live in tribes. For a tribe there was rules to obey. If the rulebreakers didn’t feel shame for their mistakes at that time, society would have been a great construction for the chaos. This feeling has been forcing us to improve ourselves. The idea of being insufficient, scares people and because of that reason people try harder and harder to not be the weak link in the chain.

Evil Shame

On the other hand; Shame could cause such a stopping effect. I remember the most embarrassing moment of my life. I was at music classroom. That day was the day that we were graded for playing flute. And I was such a disaster at playing flute.  To me, a flute was the instrument that has holes and that’s all. I was really bad at playing flute. It even felt like the flute was playing me because I was making weird voices. It was not obvious that was I crying or throwing up.

Finally, it was my turn to perform. I took the flute and got my fingers on first and second hole on the flute. My hands didn’t let me to go on because there was an earthquake happening in my hands. My hands were shaking so fast, so you need a slow-motion camera to see my hands. My music teacher waited a little bit. After that she got really angry and shout at me “Play the damn flute.”. I was scared so I dropped the flute. Like I was a rapper who dropped the mic after the show. The only difference here is that I was in a pathetic situation.

Final Thought

After that day I never played an instrument in my whole life. Because I noticed that I don’t have to. I also realize playing an instrument is not my cup of tea. I always come up with that idea of not everybody should have a talent in everything when I remember this trauma of mine. Moreover, you can’t insult the people because of their nature. This is not fair at all. Do we accuse the president of any random country for not being able to make great jazz albums? So, the answer is the same for a garbage man. Everybody has their own thing.

As a final conclusion, we need to feel the shame but we shouldn’t be the one who makes people to feel shame. When we take shame from different aspects, it is clear that we cannot live without it.

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