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Site Terms of Use (Legal Notice)

Welcome to the Afterclap Website. This section provides the conditions for visiting and using the AFTERCLAP Website (Site).

All works (text, pictures, images, photographs, videos, music, etc.) contained in this website belong to the afterclap and are for Law 5846 for Intellectual and Artistic Works. Those who violate these rights are subject to legal and criminal sanctions in the Intellectual and Artistic Works Law No. 5846 and the Turkish Criminal Law No. 5237. The Ministry has the right to initiate relevant legal proceedings.

It is deemed that the terms of acceptance of any category of these Websites are accepted. It should not be entered on the website.

A. Access to and use of the Site is subject to the terms and conditions set by Afterclap.

  1. All the works on this website cannot be changed, reproduced, published, distributed, transmitted to public or translated into another language for permission from the Ministry.
  2. Those who use the Site are deemed to have accepted the “Default Conditions”. The Ministry reserves the right to change the “Terms of Use” on condition that it is posted online. Regularly following the “Terms of Use” are some changes to the Site’s terms. Accepted in the colors in the “Terms of Use”.
  3. Afterclap works to ensure that the site is 24 hours. However, it is not responsible for the site not being the reason for different reasons.
  4. Access to this Site may be suspended temporarily or continuously, without notice.
  5. Afterclap makes every effort to use it correctly for the users of the Site, but does not give any guarantee for verification either explicitly or via image. The Ministry is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete information.
  6. The site also contains information required by third parties. Third parties are materials that you can use on this Site. Afterclap cannot guarantee the accuracy of this material and will not accept the bankruptcy or firm or any other company that offers the services announced on the Site for the error, negligence or deficiency, misrepresentation, alleged failure in the performance of the services promised in the material, or for the alleged failure of its introduction. declares. The accuracy and timeliness presented below must be approved by the organizations concerned.
  7. Afterclap, the use of the site, the inability to use, the operations that can be used in the business or the actions to be used or the decisions taken, arising from the use of the site, the material contained in the site, a decision or an action taken after the use of the site, without any contract, unfair action or otherwise (without limitation, is not responsible for any losses incurred due to business loss or loss of profit).
  8. Afterclap is located on the sites to be accessed with the links at the Internet Sites address. The said links (here) are for use in use, without warranty of any kind, either explicitly or via image.

B. Downloading and printing of written and / or visual information from this Site and using it on the websites, however, you must do so in accordance with its requirements:

  1. Personal use;

1.1. The use of the works on the Website is limited for personal use and / or information. However, replication acts that can be used in this context do not justify the legitimate interests of the rightful owner, nor can they damage, nor violate the normal use of the work, and cannot be used commercially.
1.2. Written or visual material on the site cannot be changed in any way, copyright expressions cannot be deleted and used.
1.3. All of the works on the site or cannot be used without permission on a website.
1.4. It may be downloaded or printed on the Websites for non-commercial, informational and personal use.

1.5. It may be sent on the condition that the content is provided by the Ministry and that the use of these terms and conditions has been applied and must comply with them, in order to be personally informed according to any third party for commercial purposes that are not stated on these Websites.

  1. Non-personal use;

Reproduction or use on this website, such as downloading and printing of written and / or visual information from this Site:
The permissions regarding the information to be used should be requested from the relevant Central or Provincial units under the information, and the use permit of the materials without the relevant unit statement in writing by Afterclap.

C. Disclaimer

  1. Afterclap does not warrant that the information on this Site is complete and accurate or that there will be an uninterrupted access to the page. The statements on this Site are not considered legally undertaking and are not binding. This information does not violate the rights of third parties; does not implicitly, expressly or legally provide any warranty, including but not limited to property, merchantability, suitability for a particular purpose, and / or absence of computer viruses.
  2. All kinds of information, reports, graphics and similar electronic documents on this website have been prepared by Afterclap in order to inform the general public without providing any financial benefits. The accuracy of these electronic documents on the Website; It is not guaranteed against errors due to typographical errors, software errors, transfer errors, system corruption or hacking, and this information is not provided for a certain return.
  3. For this reason, Afterclap cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect, any material / moral damages and expenses arising from errors, deficiencies or transactions made based on these documents in the electronic documents on this Website.
  4. Any but not limited, direct, indirect damages, losses and expenses resulting from any malfunction, error, deficiency, interruption, defect or delay in transportation, computer virus or line or system failure during the use of this Website. they are not responsible for any damage, even if the Ministry and / or its employees are notified of the possibility of such damage.
  5. In line with this information, Afterclap is in no way or responsible for any errors, material or moral damages that may result from the information and visual material contained in the content of this Site.
  6. All information on the site can be changed without prior notice. Afterclap can cancel, change, change any features or information on the Site or limit access to parts of the Site at any time without notice.
  7. Afterclap has taken the virus measures of the Website, but does not guarantee it. Any information, document, application etc. It is recommended to take necessary precautions for protection against viruses before downloading.
  8. In disputes that may arise regarding the conditions of use, Ankara Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized exclusively under Turkish Law.

D. Cookies

“Cookie” is software that can be sent to your computer. “Cookies” serve to collect and manage information about how our Websites and services are used. If we send a “cookie” to your computer, it will not collect any data about you without your knowledge and consent. Until then, “cookies” will only follow general usage patterns and will not be used to identify you as an individual.

E. Use of Afterclap logos and section homepage links on non-Afterclap Websites

Except where Afterclap has otherwise authorized, non-Afterclap websites may use logos (“Logo”) accessed from the Afterclap Website homepage. By downloading this Logo to your computer, you are deemed to have accepted these Principles.
You can only use the logo on your website, you cannot use it in any other way. The logo should always have a working link to Afterclap’s homepage at https://afterclap.net/.
The logo contains the term “goes to Afterclap”, which describes the meaning of Logo on your site (Logo is a link to Afterclap, not a support to your site). You cannot remove or change this or any other feature of the Logo.
The logo can only be used on Afterclap or its products or services, on the rightly cited websites, and should be displayed at the bottom of the cited place or at the bottom of the same page. The title of your website, your other trademark emblems and logos should stand out as much as Logo. The logo cannot be displayed in a way that implies that sponsorship, support or license has been granted by Afterclap.
The logo must appear alone, on both sides of the Logo, there must be a minimum space between the other graphic or text elements on the page (the height of the Logo). You cannot use the logo as part of any other logo or as a design element.

The logos cannot be altered, animated, transformed, or processed in any way, including aspect ratios, colors, and elements, or distorted the perspective or two-dimensional view.
You may not use the Afterclap Logos on a website that abuses Afterclap products or services, violates the Ministry’s rights arising from Law No. 5846 or other Laws, or violates any national or international regulations.
Under these Principles, Afterclap does not grant any license or other rights to those who use their logo. Afterclap reserves the right to unilaterally remove or change its conditions for the use of Logos. Afterclap reserves the right to initiate legal action against cases that do not comply with these principles, or violate any national or international regulation, and use against other laws.
In the event that the logos will be used for any purpose other than websites, permission must be obtained from the General Directorate of Promotion.