We Are One

We are always together. We’ve been together since we were kids: we played barbie, climbed trees, suffered from school and teenage infatuations. And so far, we spend all the holidays together, and in normal times, we communicate every day on the Internet. And since childhood, we have a certain connection, it appeared so long ago that it is already unclear from where. In our cities, individually, it is very difficult to find someone and fill this void. Adults often laugh at us, but it seems to us that they can’t even imagine us without each other. We are one. One interest for two, one head for two, one face for two. 

Our integrity inspired me to create these collages, in which we are one.

Publisher’s Words

Being one with another person. Like an apple cleft in two. Being in a huge harmony with a person is a gift that one should be thankful for it. Sometimes we may be apart due to distances, however the invisible bound between our special ones never breaks. This bond cannot be explained by modern or classical physics. What makes us happy, sad, angry or even hungry sometimes means nothing without the people that we care and love. There is a famous saying “Nothing you do matters unless your friends are there to see it”.

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The song of the text: We are one

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