Wearable Technology

Do we wear houses? You may think that was a weird question. We cannot wear our houses or eat them unless we are Hansel and Gretel. We accommodate in our houses, wear our clothes. So, in that context, it is clear that we cannot wear technology. However; now we can wear technology. Wearable Technology includes smart watches, smart wristbands and smart clothes. Also, it is one of the most searched technologies on Google. The question is “how much are we familiar with this brand-new technology”. Let us find out through this article.

With the amazing improvement of mobile network and will lead wearable technology to get much more popular. Bluetooth headsets, online glasses and smart watches allowed users to access data on the internet wirelessly. The whole industry considers the need of people and try to develop wearable technology to meet the need of society. After wearable technology got mainstream on the social media, wearable technology became one of the most important brand-new technologies of the decade. One of the most popular wearable technologies are smart watches. They can work with other technologic devices in sync therefore; they are so popular.

Another improvement is wearable glasses which works with the augmented reality principle allows us to take one of our steps in digital world and the other in real world. Even though, these technologic improvements excite us, they also have some disadvantages. It is a clear discussion that whether or not these smart devices can provide us data safety. According to a claim about smart watches, smart watches store all the information about health and other private personal information to sell them later to companies and firms.

Moreover, another issue is that malicious software may be get into devices and steal information. People who discover information and network vulnerabilities and organize cyber-attacks on such devices are another threat. However, when the positive sides and negative sides are considered, it is a huge dilemma to use a wearable technology. I assume that wearable technology will be all around us in next 10 years. Scientist expect that in 10 years, wearable technology will be improved in lots of industries. In near future, there may open wearable clothes shop. Wearable technologies can also enable the rapid transfer of information and communication without interrupting the flow of life. Currently, this technology is in its infancy and has shortcomings. At this stage, it is not easy to overcome the obstacles, as new and unprecedented obstacles are constantly appearing in addition to the obstacles envisaged at the beginning.

Consequently, wearable technology is a brilliant brand-new technology that we will see a lot in the future. For now, it has pros and cons however; its cons are dominant currently. If the errors and safety steps will be reconsidered to find a way out of this cyber-bullying, wearable technology will be much more available and trustworthy for the society. In general, wearable technology has some errors that needs to be fixed, other than that it has a brilliant future laying in front of us.

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