Coronavirus and Technology

Since China first stated the existence of Coronavirus. Regular life style of people has changed a lot. Due to coronavirus people start to lock themselves inside of their houses and try to stay away from crowds. Which is clearly controversial when the nature of human-being is considered. This controversial situation can be considered as a war. In this war, one of the biggest advantages that human-being has is technology. How technology affected our lives and coronavirus through this era? Let’s go deeper and find out the impacts of technology.

First of all, we cannot deny the help or impact of technology on medical improvements. Lots of medicine or treatment ways have been produced or found since the day one of Coronavirus. Each medical improvement is directly related to technology. Lately, scientists work on a coronavirus vaccine and the process that we have made with technology enables us to work more efficiently. For instance, storage of vaccines is a demanding process because of their particular properties such as temperature requirement.

Moreover; this coronavirus era has been so hard to everyone in the world. People miss to be outside and having fun. Nearly all the people in the world literally lost their freedom. In this particular case, technology helped the whole world by keeping them entertained. Social media platforms or online games have been the solution for boredom for a while.

            The last but not least, in this era technology taught us how to keep things going when people are away from each other. For instance; students did not stop educating themselves, they just changed their methods by using computers. Moreover, lots of professional community reconsider their working styles such as bankers. They started to work from home and found out that this way is way more efficient.

To put in a nutshell, we certainly see that technology helped us a lot through Coronavirus. It would make no sense to deny the impacts of Technology on Coronavirus since technology has an impact on everything in our lives. Now we can say coronavirus is a part of our lives.  If technology affects everything in our lives and coronavirus is a part of our lives then technology affects coronavirus without a doubt. This conditional statement would return 0. 

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