What is Electricity ?

  • Mom: Electricity went off. Please take care of it.
  • Dad: electric bill is eye-wateringly expensive.
  • Teachers: Turn it off if it’s unnecessary.
  • I am an electrical engineer.
  • I work in  a electricity distribution company

 We hear these sentences nearly everyday in our lives . However electricity is assumed to be an abstract concept for most of the people. In this post we are going to take different approaches to electricity. So that we can break the ice between society and electricity.

First of all let’s begin with a simple definition. Electric is a kind of energy that is formed by the interaction of charges and the external environment. Additional to this definition “ electric is a physical event”. Therefore, it shouln’t be an abstract concept to us because we can feel it,even sometimes we see the results of an electric flow.

History of Electricity

Thales of Miletos is the first person who observes the electricity in a popular belief.

Thales, who is known to live in around Aydın/Turkey, has observed that when amber is rubbed with wool, it pulls toward itselfs slightly like fluff and straw. It even creates small sparkles when it’s rubbed for a long time. Therefore, electrcity means “amber” in ancient greek. Latinise version is “electrica”. In 1600, british physicist and philosopher William Gilbert published a book named “De Magnete” and defined “electricus” as “ the object that pulls objects like amber toward itself”.

However, the first steps had taken before Christ; After 19. Century, researches got faster and faster. In today’s world, electricity is a huge symbol of civilization.  Actually, this phenomenon is right in the middle of our lives. Even, our metabolic activities in our cells happens with electrochemical ways. Moreover, in our nerve system, Electrical signals provide the transmission. However, we are not able to sense these effects physically. 

To use electricity to do work except the its nature , we must understand the nature of it.

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  • November 27, 2020 at 5:03 pm

    Electricity is a vital concept that we need to understand the nature of it. Well done sir.


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